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    Jayesh Shah 2016-07-10 11:29

    There may be many professionals who are interested in teaching. In order to get good teachers, teachers who really love teaching, there should be some option to migrate from their existing fields to teaching.

    For e.g. For an engineer wishes to take up teaching after spending few years in the respective industry, there should be a course which will enable him/her to migrate career into teaching at least at the secondary school level.

    1. ritika 2016-07-13 11:12

      This point is briefly touched upon under section 4.19 - Point 6. An appropriate mechanism with suitable selection and recruitment policies will be put in place to ensure seamless mobility of experts from other fields, like industries and government, into teaching (and vice versa) by allowing for lateral entry and exit and encouraging secondment/ deputation to work as adjunct faculty.

      Do you think we can add more to this point?

    2. Sandipan Nath 2016-07-28 17:03

      Good Pint Jayesh.
      But, present system is not quite friendly. It encourage mediocrity, the same old certificate focused (BEd, PhD) system.
      Personally I know a few great talent (one of them is a Fulbright Scholar from University of Texas) had chosen different path despite they are great teachers. It is a sheer loss for the society. Instead of Mandatory Certifications (like BEd in School, PhD in HEC), we should adapt skill-based, exam-centric selection model for talents from other section of the industry who can actually enrich the system.

    3. p.sushama 2016-08-05 12:36

      You are right!! BEd shouldn't be compulsory for school teacher and there shouldn't be age limit so that professionals from all sector serve to build young generation. Schools should be permitted to take entrance and teaching session for selection of right candidate.
  2. Amaltvm 2016-07-16 10:53

    The Best Student no longer want to be a teacher. He/She either want to be an Engineer/Doctor . How can we convince this fact that Teaching indeed is a great Job to have. Also ICT is only implemented in the student learning level only. Why not Teacher be introduced to such online methodologies.
    1. ritika 2016-07-19 10:49

      Yes, it is imperative to incentivize the best of minds to take up teaching profession. Please add it under section 4.10 as it specifically points out teacher reforms.
  3. Rima Chhabra 2016-08-09 16:26

    I feel that the dependence on teachers in schools can be reduced to just learning how to read and write if the school text books become more simpler and self explanatory.
    The student should be told that he needs to read the text of the book 4 times in order to understand, comprehend and remember what is written there.
    Just reading the material once, one does not remember what he has read. Every time he reads the text, he should try to make a visualization of the material written there.
    The text books need not be very lengthy but should be optimally worded so that the student can complete reading a chapter once in an hour's time which is the usual concentration span.
    It is the amount of effort a student puts in in reading the material again and again which delivers quality results.

    The text books of NCERT are well written up till class 10th. The foreign author books explain the concepts in very great details running into 40 pages per chapter. Then they have a summary for recap. I feel the Indian author books are better worded but lack in logical explanations of concepts. Students can read the foreign author book once and then read the Indian author book 4 times.

    It is the methodology of study which yields results. Even if teacher teaches in class, the chapter needs to be revised the very same day from the book in order to reinforce the content in the mind.

    There was a study that the human mind retains information for only few days, but if the material is reinforced or reiterated again the very next day and then again the very next day, it stays in the minds of students.

    Even if there is a teacher in class but the student does not revise what is taught it will get erased from the memory of the student very soon.
    This is not ratta padai but even the concepts need to be revised again and again for the student to remember them.

    There is no shortcut to hardwork. Even the best of minds follow this technique.

  4. Rima Chhabra 2016-08-09 16:46

    Its the methodology of study which matters most of education. The content of Indian text books is fine but the students in Indian villages need to be taught HOW to study rather than WHAT or FROM WHOM to study.

    Sometimes the Indian students are made to memorize mathematics formulae and fit in numbers into the formula to find out answers. But focus of foreign author books in on derivations of these formulae.
    The students needs to understand and memorize the formulae by reading through the explanations of derivations just like any other chapter in English or hindi and then go to solved examples for understanding how to approach a problem.

    The student needs to PRACTICE how to express himself with the right kind of words and using less words and right grammer to express his thoughts.
    This can be done if the student spends his homework time in first timing himself and writing notices. letters, comprehension passages by himself and then going to the answer key to understand what right words needed to be used for answering the questions. The class 10th and 12th English exam pattern is the right approach to study and practice. The answer key should be made by professionals good in English and using the right number of words. There is a book called golden guide which has good answer keys.

    The students can spend time reading through scientific book material to understand the text. Diagrams and now videos explaining concepts and experiments can be provided to the students for understanding.

    Social sciences
    Concepts like renaissance and why India got colonized by foreigners need to be explained in a better way in Indian textbooks.
    I had to read through the hindi version of the NCERT text book along with the English version to better grasp the meaning of what is given there.


    Even the hindi text books needs to be read 4 times to understand what is written in the book.

    For all subjects:

    Teaching videos should be explained in schools and then the student should be asked to go home and revise the material taught today the very same day from the text book in order to retain it.

    The first time you read the textbook, you don't like it. The second time you read it, you don't like it but it is easier to read. The third time you read the book, you understand what is written there but you are unable to express what you read. The fourth time you read it, you can answer application based questions also on the topic and express the topic in your own words.

  5. Rima Chhabra 2016-08-09 17:09

    For the purpose of employment oriented education, the modern day education in accounts (commerce), law, management, engineering, sciences, biotechnology, information technology etc are designed for large corporations.
    Therefore large corporations need to be encouraged in India rather than SMEs.

    In large corporations, there is use of mechanical machines (capital goods), land, labor, rawmaterials, engineers for maintenance of the capital goods, accountants for reporting profit and losses and balance sheets, lawyers for legal matters, IT for seamless operations, sciences for material management.
    All we need to do is to bring together people from these different backgrounds and make teams to start companies.

    Large enterprises bring in efficiency, lower costs, maintain quality, bring employment, bring in large scales of operations for mass production and lead to meaningful employment for both educated and blue collared jobs.

    Enterprises need educated people to run but generally people have friends from their own education stream only and find it hard to connect to a team from other backgrounds. This can be enabled through government efforts and online start up india websites (my suggestion).

    Standards like ISO 9000 can be used to standardize processes. There are no wrong ways of doing any business. ISO says that they will ensure that the same process you have documented is followed everytime.

    Developed world is ahead of us because they have standardized their processes through large corporations like Mc donalds chains, starbucks etc.

    Indian education system is ready for employment but the government needs to get the right people together. Money can be raised through angel investors or stock exchanges or government funding.

    The business Idea need not be innovative always, it can be orthodox also. But use of capital goods or machines is a must. In USA industrialization started 300 years ago which has lead to large scale production, higher incomes, quality in produce and privatization.

  6. Rima Chhabra 2016-08-09 17:24

    In Higher education, the foreign author books explain the concepts in a better way. Indian author books just copy paste the formulae at one place and do not explain the derivations.

    The foreign author books should be distributed among students in universities at subsidized rates just like IIT does. These foreign author books are generally not available in the open market. They need to be ordered in bulk by the universities for its students.

    The Indian universities also do not grade the students properly. They only give markets to students who memorize the equations in engineering without explaining how these were derived.

    The student who tries to get into understanding concepts in engineering are discouraged and not given good marks unless they can ratto or memorize the equations. The Indian author engineering books start with just a single line on the background of the concept and then directly jump on to equations.

    Foreign author books for engineering explain better.

    The concepts should be documented in the books and one should not be dependent on teacher to explain concepts in class because many of the teachers just hunt for verbatim replication of texts and penalize the student if he gives the answer in simple words.

    Simplicity is the toughest to achieve in thoughts and in actions..

    By the time a student reaches higher education, he should have the capability to read 1 full text book per subject in one semester or 6 months time. In higher education, this speed of reading is required. especially if you have to read the material 4 times. There are 5 subjects per semester in engineering and management.

    Read the book also 4 times and the classroom notes also 4 times. This requires good speeds.

  7. Rima Chhabra 2016-08-09 17:40

    Students should be told that don't read for marks.. but to understand and learn the concept instead.

    I visited a school in a village and found out that students used to spend their time playing games like khokho and painting which eventually they had become very good at playing over time.

    But instead they should be told to read text books just to pass their time.
    What else better will you do in your life if you don't read? they should be told that to pass their time, books are a best friend.

    The school teachers should be present only to clear the doubts of students if they do not understand any paragraph of the book.

    Rest the student must read the books again and again and again in their free time.

    Regular exams can be conducted to check the students knowledge and give him certification.

    I was the topper of my state Delhi in class 12th boards and got recognized by the times of India for excellence in academics. I also started getting good marks from class 6th only until I found out a methodology of HOW I learn or study. I got 97% marks in most of my subjects in class 10th and today am a post graduate in MBA from IIT.

    One has to strategize the approach to studying. Just hearing a teacher speak once in class does not make one remember the subject. You don't even remember what you ate last week. The human mind needs to be trained by revising the material 4 times.

  8. Rima Chhabra 2016-08-09 17:50

    There should be multiple choice question answers for entrance exams to remove bias and difference in marking style of individual teachers
  9. Rima Chhabra 2016-08-09 17:55

    There can be computer based multiple choice tests conducted for each student to check his knowledge in each chapter every week in one subject by rotation.
    This is the concept adopted by Schools like Delhi Public school RK Puram.
    The test can be conducted online or by school teachers to help a student understand his knowledge levels.

    The questions in the exams should be application based rather than just replicating the definitions and verbatim text.

    These tests will inculcate a habit of learning among students on an ongoing basis.

    If student spends his time reading about the material he should be able to answer the questions and pass.

    It doesn't matter if teacher teaches in school as long as the student is studying the textbook again and again.

  10. Rima Chhabra 2016-08-09 18:16

    1. For learning foreign language like English or German by one's self the technique is to first read the foreign language text and write down its mother tongue translation or english on a piece of paper using help from teacher. Then take that paper and try to translate back into German language and then check if you can express yourself in right kind of words.

    Also for foreign language, you need to read the text in foreign language again 4 times to be able to make those words yours.

    2. For learning maths, science and engineering, make sure you write down the equations, diagrams and formula with your own hand while practicing at home before the exam.

  11. Rima Chhabra 2016-08-09 21:32

    Physical exercise should be made a must along with school studies. This is because it helps manage stress and keeps the brain fresh for retention. The students should take 10 to 15 mins break after every hour of study to keep their mind stress free. The brain is an organ it gets tired.
  12. Concerned mom 2016-08-10 10:48

    Indian public - students, parents and general public - speak out against what they feel is required in the new education policy. Please watch the video series

    The vision of the current HRD minister and the Prime Minister of India that 'education needs to be an agent of change in people's lives' is laudable. However, none of their vision is captured in the current draft of the NEP. This video series is an attempt to find out whether such change is really felt by people.

    1. Why do children drop out of schools

    This video explores this question especially in case of the lower strata of society; and then gives suggestions for the National Education Policy.

    2. Does the Indian Education system enable overall development of its students

    This video is an attempt to find out what are the reasons why today's students do not feel that education helps in their overall development or is an agent of change, and what should the National Education Policy take into account if the policymakers are really serious about 'change'.


    3. What happens to students who score between 50-90% in Class 12

    This video, while noting the frustration of these brilliant but sidelined students, offers a few suggestions on how the education policy can address these issues of admissions for higher education which would in turn have a trickle down effect on the school education and reduce academic stress.


    More videos are being uploaded. Please do watch all video feedback submitted by people of India on https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTMexBuyfsFqpZ524WfYyP9UMMaNghpGr

  13. Concerned mom 2016-08-10 10:49

    I will be attempting to edit the wiki based on the inputs received in the video series over the next few days

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